Fiction Letters Series - 8 letters from a fictional friend that has an amazing story to tell you

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Personalized letters sent to you through the mail from a fictitious friend! Get excited to check your mailbox again!

Fiction Letters is a fun and unique way to experience fiction! Relive the nostalgia of getting letters from a friend in the mail!

  • Each Fiction Letters series is made up of 8 physical letters from a fictitious friend that are sent to your mailbox over two months. There are 3 series of letters to choose from.
  • As the letters arrive in the mail they bring you along on your friend's adventures that are filled with action, mystery and thrills. You'll get 1 letter per week for 8 weeks.
  • The letters use a custom hand written font and are personalized, dated, and the envelopes are hand addressed. Each of the eight letters is about six pages in length.
  • The letters are mailed via USPS First Class mail. At this time, we only ship in to U.S. addresses. Outside the U.S.? Check out Fiction Letters by Email instead.

Choose from 3 Fiction Letters series

Each series contains 8 letters sent by mail from your fictitious friend!

🧭 Scavenger Hunt Series

While competing in her company’s team building scavenger hunt, Sarah finds a centuries-old map. Is it just a clue in the game, or a life changing treasure map? You'll be riveted as Sarah tells you her story through 8 fascinating letters.

🚨 Whistleblower Series

After discovering a dark secret at work, your friend Trevor's emails recount the harrowing extent his employer will go to keep him quiet. Trevor's 8 pulse-pounding letters will get your adrenaline pumping.

⚖️ Seeking Justice Series

Jen takes matters into her own hands after her neighbor is murdered. This action-packed series of 8 letters is filled with curious characters and twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat as Jen tries to catch a killer.

Here's how it works

  1. Select a Fiction Letters series
  2. Click "I want this!" and fill in your info. Note: The first name in the "Mailed To" field will be used within the letters
  3. The first letter in the series will arrive in your mailbox about 4 - 6 business days after purchase
  4. Then, during each of the next 7 weeks, you'll receive another letter from your fictitious friend who will continue telling you their fascinating story

Custom Font

We developed a custom font that is used in all Fiction Letters by Mail series...

Fiction Letters make a great gift!

A Fiction Letters series makes a great gift for the reader in your life! We'll include a gift note in the first letter. Just click "Give as a Gift" at checkout and be sure to type a gift message in the Gift Details section!

Also available as emails

While it's fun to relive the nostalgia of getting actual letters in the mail, some people would rather receive the letters via email. We've got you covered! Check out Fiction Letters by Email here.


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Each Fiction Letters series contains 8 physical letters from a fictitious friend that tell an action-packed, fun and exciting story filled with interesting characters. You'll get one letter per week for 8 weeks that will make you excited to check your mailbox again!


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Fiction Letters Series - 8 letters from a fictional friend that has an amazing story to tell you

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